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I hope you all have been enjoying your Holiday Season. When I took Just Kidding over in July of 2015, my high hopes of utilizing the store to help Women in Recovery were grand. The plan was that those women and men who were needing community service hours could get them here with working in a recovery atmosphere as I am in recovery myself.  I believe part of recovery from addiction is moving forward in life and learning the life skills needed to achieve personal success.  We have helped many thus far over the past year and a half.  The Women’s Center has grown and we have clothed many local families and helped them get back on their feet. I have given it my best and have NO regrets in running Just Kidding since July 2015. We have cut as many corners as possible in making sure the bills are paid and the lights have stayed on.  Unfortunately, the consignment store is just not making it.  I have met some amazing consignors here and hope to carry a relationship on if I see you around.  We will be moving Faith at the Beach and The Kelly Gorman Watson Women’s Center to another location.  We will still offer Recovery Therapy and High End Women’s Clothing. The place will be much smaller and we will only be taking in Designer Apparel.  We will still accept donations, as well as OUR MISSION is not changing, just a smaller location.  For consignors, if you would like to pick up your items, that is fine. January 10-28th during normal business hours. IF you choose to keep your items here, I will be giving a tax write off form for your records for whatever does not sale when we close the doors on February 4th 2017. Final payouts will be issued no later than the 10th of February you can email me @ admin@justkiddingpcb.com and let me know your address where I can mail your final consignment check and tax form.  We will be selling fixtures so if any of you are interested, please let me know as well for that.  I am grateful for you all allowing me to serve you in this community under the name, Just Kidding.


Sincerely Grateful!

Amy C.


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